A Long History of Building Mutually Profitable ISO Relationships

Are you an ISO in the credit card processing industry?  Then the Federated Group is the best partner for you.  We provide all the tools you need to ensure success and grow your business.

  • WE TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS: Our in-house merchant support teams get your customers up and running smoothly so you can focus on sales.
  • WE OFFER ADVANCED SALES TRAINING: Have reps that are learning the industry? No problem, our sales team will let your sales teams “shadow” us on appointments and work side-by-side to help educate them. Or, you can join us online at our comprehensive weekly training webinars.
  • WE PROVIDE COMPELLING SALES COLLATERAL: We provide your teams with comprehensive sales kits and key industry information to further support your sales efforts.

The Industry’s Leading Web-Based ISO & Agent Portals

We provide real-time reporting for sales representatives, managers and owners on every stage of your merchant’s sales cycle including residuals, batch reporting, and commissions. ISOs also receive access to an unparalleled library of training materials and sales collateral.

  • Track your sales teams’ performance
  • Instant Access to full suite of training materials and documentation
  • Create tickets and submit requests for immediate response to merchant issues
  • Receive alerts based on any outstanding customer support issues
  • Generate custom reports by any date range
  • Advanced search capabilities on 200+ criteria
  • Customizable administrative settings let you manage your team’s access