Our Company

The Federated Group was founded in 1999 with the launch of Federated Payment Systems by John Guirguis. Its mission – to provide the best possible merchant services and support for small to midsize business merchants. With a firm understanding of the operations side of the business, Mr. Guirguis was actively seeking to expand the company’s sales and marketing initiatives.

With this in mind, Mr. Guirguis turned to his longtime friend, Jon Levitt. Mr. Levitt was operating as an ISO with EVO Merchant Services. A true sales professional, Mr. Levitt’s organization closed over 1,000 merchants within the first six months of business. With Mr. Guirguis’ proficiency on the operations side and Mr. Levitt’s keen sales abilities, they realized that their areas of expertise complemented each other perfectly. In 2003, they merged their two organizations.

The Federated Group has served the processing needs of 100,000+ merchants worldwide with their payment processing and related business needs. To meet mounting demands, the company has built an extensive network that currently includes over 400 sales and support representatives including Independent Sales Offices throughout the US and Canada.

Significant Corporate Milestones


  • Federated Payments Founded by John Guirguis


  • Federated acquires its 1,000th Merchant


  • Jon Levitt joins as CEO
  • Federated doubles in size, moves to Melville offices


  • Federated launches OnePay USA, its wholesale division
  • Federated moves again to Huntington Quadrangle doubling in size again
  • Federated signs its 10,000th Merchant


  • Federated introduces Safepay, its proprietary ecommerce gateway, as well as a state-of-the-art MSP and dialer
  • Scott Avery promoted to SVP of Sales


  • Federated launches industry leading portal for ISOs and Sales Agents
  • Federated Named Fastest Growing Processor in the U.S. (Nilson Report)
  • Federated expands into Canada launching MSI Canada
  • Evan Schweitzer joins as CFO
  • Jim Perri promoted to VP Operations


  • Federated signs it’s 25,000 Merchant


  • Federated celebrates 10 Years of Excellence and Growth.


  • Federated launches new corporate Web site to help support merchants get up and running quicker and add value to our customers.
  • Federated launches Federated Payments Canada


  • Federated ranked on INC. 500/5000 List of Fasted Growing Private Company
  • Federated launches Wholesale Merchant Services in Canada


  • Federated ranked on INC. 500/5000 List for second year in a row
  • Federated Launches National Debit Card Network (US)


  • Federated rolls out National Debit Card Network in Canada
  • Federated launches Volt Payments offering complete business solutions


  • Federated celebrates its 15 Year Anniversary